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Soil + Toil Ceramics was designed and created by Paige Stewart. I love residing in Highland Park, CA. I moved to Los Angeles on a whim and with the wind in 2012 and have been so grateful to be in a city where I can allow myself to follow the path of my creativity which has moved from drawing, writing, painting, dancing, and found a home in ceramics. 

Ceramics is a form of expression and creativity that is so literally and tangibly the act of transformation. "Isn't it something... to take a lump of clay and watch as it becomes that which it was always meant to be." I believe that all acts of creativity have the potential to be healing...especially for me it has been a transformative experience. I highly recommend to anyone who has ever wanted to try any artistic modicum to take a class and follow your hearts desires.

I grew up in the big small city of Des Moines, Iowa. I carried my midwestern heart with me as I studied Art and Psychology at Western State University in Gunnison, Colorado. Committed since a young age to be a Renaissnace Woman, I have worked in many different fields, tried many creative outlets, and will continue to.

I am honored to be able to create. I put love into every single vessel I make, sending a blessing to each recipient to make their homes and hearts ever more beautiful and peaceful. May my love reach you all.